"under the song tree" is Lynn Deeves, Dan Merrill & Anni Clark, a trio of Maine songwriters. “I Need Your Love” was cowritten by all 3. After a 10 year hiatus, we performed at the UU Church in Brunswick in the “Concerts for a Cause” Series. The entire night was special… but Belinda Merrill (Dan’s wife) caught this one on her iPhone… thanks Belinda! We felt a need to share this song in the aftermath of too many devastating floods, earthquakes, wildfires… storms of many kinds.

This June 2013 performance in Kingfield ME came on the heels of a full out thunderstorm, complete with big lightening, a wall of water & then a double rainbow! I was camped out in my car for quite a while watching this all unfold, wondering if my set would be canceled... in the end, my set was cut a bit short... after all the show MUST go on.

June 2013... After a T Storm & a double rainbow, it just felt right to segue from one song to the next... keep the momentum going. I was close to the end of my set & feeling like part of something extraordinary & powerful... I think everyone there felt it. Can't wait to go back...

I was in 5th grade, 10 years old. I remember everything. Mr. Winslow told us "President Kennedy was shot in Dallas." School closed early, we walked home in silence. I knew the tidy, safe world I lived in had changed. 2 days later, I witnessed the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald on TV. I went to my room and wrote about JFK and November 22, 1963 and how Oswald was shot on November 24th. I wrote that JFK was a great president and that I would always treasure this piece of paper. I tacked it up in my room with a little yellow ribbon glued to the top left corner. Next day, I asked my Dad "If I write a letter to Jackie Kennedy, will you find the address to the White House?" I took great pains to make the letter just right. Unbeknownst to me, my Dad hand copied it, then mailed the original. I got a reply from the White House, but forgot where it went. In 2011, I opened my "treasure box"... old report cards, blue ribbons, slides, photos... I found the paper I had written to honor JFK... tack holes, yellow ribbon, sunlight faded... my Dad's copy of my letter to Jackie... the White House reply, with envelope, my address hand written with no zip code... it was the first time I realized my Dad had made a copy of my condolence letter. I framed all 3 pieces in 2012, then realized I had to write a song to honor the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination. I tried to preserve the feelings of the 10 year old kid.

WCSH 6 TV in Portland ME went the extra mile to help me tell this story… originally aired on the eve of the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Big Time Kudos go to Dennis Doyle… he came to my home, made me comfy in the telling, the remembering, the singing of it… he really allowed me to revisit the 10-year-old who wrote this story.

I wrote this tune as a birthday gift for my artistic soulmate, Judi Puiia, who moved from Maine to Arizona in August 2011. Our connection is strong enough to bridge the miles. My pal Deb Whorf recorded this on my I Phone 4 on Moosehead Lake in Maine. This was Take Two. Beauty day.

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