NOTES FROM THE BRUNSWICK (Old Orchard Beach, ME): "The lady in charcoal shorts, white sneakers and a modest sea-green cotton top skipped up to the stage, whispered to the bass guy and grabbed the mic. What happened next was humbling. Anni Clark sang a rendition of B.B. King’s “Rock Me, Baby.” No … I don’t mean she sang it. I mean she rocked it. Hammered it. Wailed it."


DIRTY LINEN (Baltimore MD): "Anni Clark takes major steps with her fifth solo album, Big Water. Setting warm Joni Mitchell-meets-Rickie Lee Jones vocals to her acoustic guitar, she leads to way to a metaphorical exploration of the natural world. "Forever Free" is one of the strongest songs written about the events of 9/11." (Craig Harris)

JAM MUSIC MAGAZINE (Concord, NH): "Anni has a strong, full voice with great depth and expression. Her songwriting has always been honest, moving, and energizing. On her latest album, Big Water, she adds ‘provocative’ to the list." (Chris Garnjost)

SING OUT MAGAZINE (Bethlehem, PA): "Big Water is a collection of songs focusing on spirituality through nature and human relationships… ‘Mud Over Matter’ nicely captures the feel of summertime folk festivals." (Dan Gilman)

FACE MAGAZINE (Portland ME): "Clark's Big Water will clearly become the high-water mark for what is turning out to be quite a distinguished career for one of Maine's foremost (and finest) folk artists. Not only does Clark continue to write and perform great songs about this thing called life, she does so with a quiet grace and simple inner beauty which, in turn, reflects outwardly through her music. Big Water truly reflects Anni Clark at her very finest." (Steve Lea)

KENNEBEC JOURNAL (Augusta ME): "For years, Anni Clark has been releasing high quality albums loaded with exceptional songs (all penned by this prolific writer), and her latest, "Big Water", is just a continuation of this streak. What I love best about Clark is that she can have you laughing one moment and close to tears the next with the honest emotions in her material." (Lucky Clark)

PORTSMOUTH HERALD (NH): "The disc sounds incredible, with crisp, lush production. Simple yet tight arrangements allow for a flow that truly gives the CD a sense of being a complete album, a true artistic statement from a sensitive, adventurous musician." (Jamie Perkins)


Dear Anni,
WOW! 'BIG WATER' is great, Anni! It's the best. Your songwriting excels, your vocals are smooth, the band is fantastic... should I go on???? You must be really proud of this work! (Roger Reese, Black Mtn. SC)

I love BIG WATER and am telling all my friends about it. Can't stop playing it! Congratulations. (Ginnie Plummer, Turner, ME)


OVER EASY (ME): "Blessed with the extraordinary gift of writing directly from the heart, Clark musically translates everyday feelings/thoughts into earthy, contemporary folk sonatas, lyrically utilizing just the right words, creating beautiful melodies and delivering it all with an engaging, yet surprisingly powerful soprano justifiably compared with the likes of Bonnie Raitt or JoniMitchell. Nowhere does this shine through better then in the 10 classy songs which comprise A LIGHT FOR LIZA. Clark quickly establishes undivided attention from start to finish with her professional, yet thoroughly genuine personality, gently eases into the listeners' soul with an absolute sense of divine purpose. Fresh, delightful and most uplifting."

NORTHEAST PERFORMER (MA): "Anni sits on the cusp of something big ... she takes the difficult task of combining conventional style with personality and makes it seem easy."

MAINE TIMES: "A LIGHT FOR LIZA reveals that Clark's voice has matured. It seems fuller, stronger, more facile. A good benchmark is her rendition of Joni Mitchell's " He Comes For Conversation," the only cover song Clark has ever included on a recording. Covering Joni can be a dangerous undertaking, yet Clark nails the song."

PORTSMOUTH HERALD (NH): "Clark neatly wraps her robust voice around arresting melodic gifts that embellish refreshingly direct, yet poetic lyrics. The end result, an invigorating journey through life, New England, and Mom, is a stunner."

FACE MAGAZINE (Portland, ME): "I'd guess that this is the record Anni Clark's been building toward all of her life. Even if she never said anything else, A LIGHT FOR LIZA would be a mouthful."

JAM MUSIC MAGAZINE (Concord, NH): "Maine's Anni Clark is a folk singer in the best sense of the word. A LIGHT FOR LIZA is warm, touching, thought-provoking, celebratory, inspiring and personal. Her voice is a joy to listen to."

BOSTON GLOBE: "Clark has created a deeply personal, acoustic folk and jazz-tinged sound. On her fourth and strongest album, A LIGHT FOR LIZA, she shares the experiences of her personal journey."

DIRTY LINEN: "Heartfelt lyricism and warm soprano vocals have placed Anni Clark among Maine's leading singer/songwriters. On A LIGHT FOR LIZA, Anni looks back at the past and reveals optimism for the future... she has built a loyal following for her folk and jazz-tinged melodies."
Dirty Linen Magazine


"Clark's modern twists on folk music's traditional touches make the genre seem more accessible than ever to a wider audience." Baton Rouge Gambit Weekly

"Fantastic! Soulful! Funny! Extremely entertaining! ... Anni did all the right things and just enough of them." - BERMUDA FOLK CLUB REVIEW, Hamilton, Bermuda

"What an absolute pleasure to have you in town last night! Your songs have a personal/universal quality that makes me feel 'Yeah, that's right!' And then there's your voice: such textured depth and playful richness I haven't felt since Phoebe Snow wrapped her octaves around me decades ago. You've got it, girl!" - A FAN LETTER, NH

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