Elixir Strings - these are the strings that I use on both my 6-string and 12-string guitars. They last longer and feel good under my fingers. They even squeak a lot less when brand new, a handy thing in the studio! Check 'em out...and I swear they last forever!

Dan Merrill - Dan and I have known each other for years, and just recently began collaborating on special performances... the response has been overwhelmingly positive! The two of us have a similar style and energy that translates well to live audiences... Dan will soon release his second solo CD, and I hope to record some of the harmonies for that project... check out Dan's harmonies on my CD, A LIGHT FOR LIZA, on the cuts "Orono" and "This Big Love"!

Lynn Deeves - I've been doing shows with both Dan Merrill and Lynn Deeves in our trio called "under the song tree" for a while now... Lynn stands well enough alone with her big voice and empowering messages, but I am totally convinced our voices belong together... add Dan in the mix... hold on! You may have to remind yourself to breathe...

Don Campbell - This Portland ME songwriter splits his time between bases in Maine and Nashville. He took first place in the True Value Country Music Awards with his band recently... which means he beat out every other national contestant along the way and won $50,000! Don writes infectious tunes, and is equally powerful as a solo, trio, or full band performer. Watch and listen for his tunes to be recorded by many in years to come…

Shake Russell is a songwriter's songwriter... he's a Texas legend and an infectious performer... by way of good karma and good friends, I have been fortunate enough to share several stages with him in recent tours of Texas... I love singing harmonies with him!

Dana Cooper - The first time I heard Dana perform was in '96 when he was part of a showcase I put together for the Washington, D.C. Folk Alliance Convention. He had come highly recommended by many fellow performers, and now I know why. I've heard him perform several times with Shake Russell, and am honored to have an opportunity to perform with both of these great songwriters.

My Texas Music - These folks know the Texas singers and songwriters like nobody else. Their website has weekly features, updates, CD sales, photos, & all kinds of behind-the-scenes goodies for y'all that want the scoop. I am an honorary member here due to my repeated jaunts all over the state, usually in April, always with guitar, and often with Shake Russell & Dana Cooper on the "Bluebonnet Tour".

Beth Williams - I met Beth in Austin between sets I when was performing with Shake Russell & Dana Cooper. I had heard of Beth many times, but never had the chance to hear her music until then, when we swapped CD's. Check out "In This Old House"... you'll be glad you did.

Willie Atkinson - I met Willie years ago when I first started to tour Texas. He's a great songwriter, and has penned songs with some of the best, including Shake Russell.

Williams Broadcasting Company - These guys are cross-networking ahead of the pack... radio, TV, internet... they do it all. John Williams is the voice behind all those Maine radio spots called "the outdoor adventure reports" and "the entertainment & travel reports" among many others. Innovative and enthusiastic, they are very supportive of my CD release project "Big Water".

Raft Maine - At last count, there are 14 rafting outfitters in Maine operating under the umbrella of "Raft Maine". It was after a trip on the West Penobscot River with one of these outfitters that I wrote "Big Water", the title cut of my soon-to-be-released 2002 CD. Raft Maine will be using this song in some of their radio ads, and will be putting it up on their website as well.

Artist Development and Associates (ADA) - This a very hip CD Duplication Co. out of Framingham MA that offers much more than duplication services... they have their own mastering studio, they do great graphics work, they can offer many web-related services, and are developing radio & video-related services as well. I worked with them on my CD's "Early Anni", "A Light for Liza", and now "Big Water".

Kerrville, TX Folk Festival - My first introduction to the Kerrville Folk Festival was as a New Folk Finalist (a songwriting competition) in both '91 and '93. I have since been back there many times and have toured all over Texas and Louisiana. If you want to get a taste of some of the best acoustic music just about anywhere, you go to the Kerrville Folk Festival.

New England Songwriters Festival - I've known Jeff Hayford for many years, lost touch, then found him again in 2002 at a Don Campbell Band show in Portland ME. Jeff has worked hard to bring together songwriters from all parts of the country for the New England Songwriters Festival in Mount Washington Valley in NH. I'm honored to be a part of it!

NY International Film Festival - This is the FIRST International Film Festival that accepted Virginia Plummer's independent short film for viewing at the July Festival 2000 in NYC. I say first, because I expect her to get many more invitations down the line. Her film is called "Checking Out" and features four of my tunes from two of my CD's! All music for the movie was penned and performed by me! Ginnie's Company is called P-Squared Productions... watch for her!

The Stone Church - The Stone Church IS actually a big ole stone church in Newmarket, NH, made into a music venue years ago. I played there soon after my very first album (yes, album! meaning "vinyl") came out in 1985. Years later, I'm back there realizing I shoulda been stopping in all along... very cool spot with a great line-up of all kinds of music.

LA Arts - LA Arts has been producing concerts of all kinds in a variety of venues in the Lewiston ME area for years. Each time I've worked with them, it's been a pleasant and professional experience.

Eastland Park Hotel - This is one of the oldest and most recently restored hotels in Portland ME, and the home of my October 2002 CD Release Party for "Big Water". Offering easy access to downtown Portland, this place has one of the best views in town from "The Top"... watch the sun set over the White Mtns. miles away, then check out the lights in Portland Harbor... well worth your visit.

Buckdancer's Choice Music Co. - Portland, ME - The only place I take my guitar to be worked on. A phenomenal selection of music gear, guitars, and they carry Elixir strings. AND they're really nice people.

Face Magazine - THE Music Magazine covering Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire. Anyone who's touring in the area should be sure to let them know about it ... let 'em help you out!

Downtime Computer Consultants - Everybody needs somebody to talk to about computers these days. These guys do it all...from customizing a computer for a "small guy" like me, to creating and installing an entire system for a major corporation or a hospital... they build 'em, fix 'em, KNOW 'EM... and they're friends of mine!

Maine Audubon Society - As a Mainer and one who strives to send out positive messages about our environment in all ways, I am especially pleased to be connected with the folks at Maine Audubon... they're the ones who support efforts on top of Borestone Mtn. in northwestern Maine... a treasured spot unknown to many, but the spot where I was touched enough to write the song "Green on Blue", now available on the "under the song tree LIVE" CD.

North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance - A member of the Folk Alliance for many years, I have showcased at annual conferences in Boston, Washington D.C., Lake Harmony PA, and Toronto. The opportunities to connect with people on all levels of involvement in the Music Industry here are unfathomable until you actually GO to one of these events and experience the energy first-hand. It's sorta-like Kerrville TX under a roof.

Indiegrrl - I'd been hearing great things about Indiegrrl from many fellow female songwriters... my pal and sometimes stage partner, Lynn Deeves, was a member for a while before I hooked up with them via connections at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in NY. Only good things can come from teaming up with other writer/performers of this caliber... women in Indiegrrl showcase together across the country.

Just Plain Folks - These Folks are far from being "Just Plain"... they have a long list of artists on their roster... Folks who are connected to the music biz in some incredible ways!

Klarity Multimedia did the duplication for our "Under the Song Tree" CD. Located in the thriving metropolis of North Vassalboro, ME, they have been in the duplication/replication business for over 10 years. Sometimes you find the best things in your own back yard.

And more to come !!

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