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RealAudio™ - lesser quality, quicker download **

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From the CD Anni Clark "LIVE":

Between The Rungs - [MP3] [RealAudio Stream]
I'm From Maine - [MP3] [RealAudio Stream]
Pilot Light - [MP3] [RealAudio Stream]
Indian Summer - [MP3] [RealAudio Stream]
Green On Blue - [MP3] [RealAudio Stream]

From the CD "Big Water":

Big Water - [MP3 1.09m] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]
There's Somethin' About the Moonlight - [MP3 0.98m] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]
The Island - [MP3 1.16m] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]
Touch Another Life - [MP3 1.18m] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]
Kickapoo - [MP3 1.02m] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]
The River in Your Heart - [MP3 1.24m] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]

For sound clips from "under the song tree" [CLICK HERE]

From the CD "A Light for Liza":

This Big Love - [MP3 1.2m] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]
Orono - [MP3 592k] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]
I Hear Your Voice - [MP3 583k] [RealAudio] [RealAudio Stream]

From the CD "Letting Go":

Bill Shepard's Van [MP3 886k]
Letting Go [MP3 766k]
Just Say No [MP3 846k]

All songs ©Anni Clark, BMI

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